Individual Insurance Products

Why Individual Disability and Life Insurance Products?

There are many situations when an employee may need individual insurance coverage. An executive may require disability or life insurance in excess of the plans offered by an employer.  Or an individual might change jobs, start a new business, or otherwise find him or herself with a different level of benefits with a current employer. 

Our Approach

The Baker Benefit Group works closely with these customers to create customized individual insurance programs that meet their needs. We work with various insurance carriers to find the coverage that best fits the individual situation, and we guide the customer through the underwriting process. Once a policy is in place, we continue to provide ongoing service to assure that customer needs continue to be met.

How We Can Help

Partnering with the individual customer, we determine what level of protection is needed and what plans best support that need. We then work with the customer through the following steps:

  • Obtaining quotes from multiple carriers to find the best plan
  • Helping the individual complete the application(s) and schedule exams 
  • Once issued, monitoring to assure policies remain in force as desired and suggest updates as needs change